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    Kanye West going crazy to A-ha’s “Take On Me”

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  3. dikubutto:


    it’s not rude to interrupt someone to point out a dog

    It’s actually more polite because then they don’t miss out on a dog

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  5. paulonutini:

    u think just because it’s pink n cute n shit it’s not gonna do anything? ok go play on it and see what happens. I ain’t gonna help u when that nasty ass demon drags u into ur basement. see u in the afterlife

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  6. suctioning:

    When you both nut at the same time


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    Dog snake

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    this cannot be real

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    if “barnacles” is a curse word in Spongebob, then how do you explain Barnacle Boy’s name

    He’s a fuck boy

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    "What animal would you rather get high with?" 

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    this isn’t the dog park

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